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  • Amphenol Procom antenna S.1 series

    Centre-fed folded dipole antenna

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  • Amphenol Procom antenna CXL 70-3C/...

    Collinear, 3 dBd Base Station and Marine Antenna for the 450 MHz Band

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  • Lambda Antennas

    Get greater gain, a wider bandwidth and a highly consistent RF pattern with Lambda antennas.

    Antennas play an important role in the operation of all radio eq...

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  • Rittal Outdoor System Solutions

    Rittal offers range of solutions that can be tailored to your precise needs and requirements – completely individual, tailored to your company and industry, directly f...

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  • RolaTube 3.5m Squad IAM VHF (30-300MHz) Range Extender

    RF Range Extender

    Fast - Compact - Light - Effective RF Range Extension for Hand...

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  • Amphenol Procom antenna CXL 2-3C/...

    Sturdy 3 dBd Gain Base Station Antenna for the 160 MHz Band

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  • RolaTube 8m 4″ Single Mast RolaCage System

    RolaCage System

    Easy deployable system with set up...

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  • Amphenol Procom antenna S.M2E-160

    2-stack lightweight dipole array, 145-175 MHz

    The S.M2 is an array of phased centre fed folded dipoles mounted on an aluminium ...

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  • RolaTube 7m RAMMs

    7m RAMM systems are ideal for FOB type applications where range capability, portability and ease of deployment are priorities.


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  • Amphenol Procom antenna S.M4-160-SB

    Four Stack Dipole Array | 180° | 8.7 dBd

    145-175 MHz

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