Warranty and repair

Warranty and repair

For questions regarding the Danimex warranty and repair policies, please contact the Danimex Technical Department.
Please also refer to the Danimex Limited Warranty & Repair Conditions below.
For return of products for repair, please contact Danimex customer support and request a repair form and further instructions.


Danimex Limited Warranty & Repair Conditions

1. Scope
The scope of this document extends to matters concerning the repair or replacement of defective products sold by Danimex Communication Ltd. within the warranty period.

2. Warranty Coverage and Service
Danimex warrants all products under normal use and wear to be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of one (1) year from the date of purchase (invoice date).
If, under normal use and wear, the product becomes defective in materials or workmanship and is returned at buyer's expense to Danimex during the warranty period, the product will be repaired. Danimex reserves the right to replace a product under warranty without cost for the buyer.

Buyer will be required to provide proof of purchase with date (invoice date). Reconditioned replacement components, parts, units or materials may be used if the product is repaired or replaced. Costs incurred in the removal, de-installation or reinstallation of the product are not covered by warranty.

2.1 Exceptions
The limited warranty does not cover and Danimex will not be responsible for the following:
The warranty will be void if the product is serviced by anyone other than Danimex or a manufacturer’s authorized service center.

Buyer's sole and exclusive remedy shall be the repair or replacement of the defective Product, as specifically described above. Danimex neither assumes nor authorizes any authorized service center or any other person or entity to assume any other obligation or liability beyond that which is provided for in this limited warranty.

The limited warranty does not cover the following:
- Products or accessory equipment not provided by Danimex
- Failures or defects caused by misuse, abuse, accident, alteration or neglect
- Unauthorized installation, removal or repair
- Failure to follow instructions
- Force majeure: Fire, flood or other acts of nature, actions of third parties or other like events outside Danimex’ control
- Spills of food or liquids
- Power failure
- Periodic maintenance, repair and replacement of parts due to normal wear and tear
- Improper installation, maintenance, operation or repair
- Performance of the product when used in combination with other products or equipment not provided by Danimex.
- Payments for labour or service to representatives or service centers not authorized by either Danimex or product manufacturer.

Danimex does not warrant that the operation of any software will be error free. Danimex will use reasonable efforts to correct any defects reported to Danimex in writing within 180 days of the shipment, or cutover if installations were performed by Danimex, exclusive of defects caused by physical defects in software discs due to mishandling, operator error or interfacing other systems not approved by Danimex.

3. End user Warranty
Warranty is valid 1 year from date of sale (proof of purchase required).

The end user warranty becomes void for any of the following reasons (not limited to):
- Product purchased more than 12 months back.
- Service by anyone other than Danimex or manufacturer rewarded Authorized Service Centre
- Unauthorized installation, removal or attempt to repair units
- Improper installation, maintenance, operation or repair
- Failures caused by misuse, abuse, accidents, alteration or neglect
- Spills of food or liquids
- Failure to follow instructions as specified in user’s manuals and other technical directives for usage of the product
End user warranty does not cover normal wear and tear, i.e. scratches on lenses, plastic etc.
Customers will be billed for any parts or labour charges not covered by the limited warranty

4. Shipping Policy
In case defective products need to be returned to Danimex, please contact Danimex customer support prior to shipping and request a suitable failure report form.

Return the defective product along with the complete and signed failure report and a copy of the original invoice, as proof of purchase.

When returning defective products, they are to be shipped to Danimex Communication, Elholm 4, 6400 Sonderborg, Denmark.
The items must be securely wrapped in bubble-pack and firmly fixed within one or more sturdy, multi-layer corrugated cardboard boxes. The shipping documents must state, in a clear way, that the items are “returned for repair and/or warranty purpose”.

Products which are insufficiently packaged or shipped or handled in a less than proper way, could void your warranty.
Danimex reserves the right to deny repairs, if a failure report is insufficient or not included.

5. Repairs

5.1 Repair Procedure

Upon receipt, units will be checked by Danimex technical personnel, to confirm the fault as described by customer.
Danimex upholds the right to make decision whether to repair the unit ourselves or send it to a manufacturer’s service center for price estimate and repair.

If the unit is out of warranty or warranty terms have been voided, Danimex will give a price estimate which must be accepted before actual repair procedure is initialized.
Should the customer decline the repair costs, the unit will be returned as it is. A fee of 40.00 USD + any fee from an involved supplier will be invoiced to the buyer.
Warranty repairs will be returned to customers immediately after repair is completed.

5.2 Out of Box Failure
Should an Out of Box Failure occur, Danimex Communication A/S. must be informed immediately, and the unit returned to us within 30 days.
Danimex reserves the right to repair or replace a product with out of box failure.

5.3 No Fault Found Policy
To control costs and encourage good customer service a no trouble found policy shall be enforced by Danimex. When product is returned as defective and yet no fault is found after testing and evaluation, a fee of 40.00 USD + plus shipping costs shall be levied against the customer. This fee must be paid prior to the return of the product.

6 Special warranty procedures for specific products

Special warranty conditions might apply to some products. In this case the buyer will be informed of these conditions.

Note: Warranty and Repair published on www.danimex.com  is always to be considered as applicable

(Last revision: June 13, 2022)


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