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Danimex Communication A/S is an award-winning distributor of radio communication solutions and equipment throughout the world with over 30 years of experiences within the communication industry.

We specialise in two-way radio solutions supporting our partners with everything they need to build a complete ready-to-use communication system, for example:

  • Network/ system design
  • Coverage study
  • System configuration
  • Site survey
  • FAT & SAF testing
  • Onsite installation and supervision
  • After sales support

We do business with humanitarian organizations, NGO’s, defence, security and government organisations as well as modern industry. We base our business on quality products, full service and lasting relationships.

Reliable communication solutions for all industry segments

Watch our video to learn about Danimex and our solution for various industries

How are we different?

Besides experience and technical expertise, our defining resource is our mix of technical, cultural and ethical competencies. We know the world and our way around, with respect of local customs, legislation and values. Quite often, these are the measures by which we rise above the competition.  

Needless to say, we deliver on time, as agreed and with full after sales support. That is fundamental and how we build trust, over time.


What are we to you?

We are your flexible, able and willing partner - determined to be your preferred supplier of communication equipment and solutions, regardless of the challenges you may have.

What we do - and how

In Africa and the Middle East, we distribute products, services, solutions and know-how through our network of authorized, local dealers and service partners. Typically, we establish or upgrade communication networks with base stations, mobile units and handsets that are all connected via repeater stations.

Having local offices in strategic markets and local partners adds local insight and fast response to our services. Where we have no dealer networks, we service our customers directly and on-site.

Whenever special expertise and greater resources are needed, we partner with our local resellers in a joint effort to service clients. 

Geographical coverage

We cover the world, basically. Actual coverage depends on the nature of the solutions to be developed. Our customer service will be happy to hear your needs and request and will offer initial advice free of charge.


Danimex Communication is an
award winning distributor of
radio communication solutions and
equipment throughout the world.

Motorola Solutions - value added distributor


Global Compact
ISO 9001
Trace Certified
Our company is credit worthy according to Bisnode's credit assessment system that is based on a number of decision rules. This credit rating is updated on a daily basis, and always shows the current rating and date.
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