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Take-offslandingsdockingsdeparturesarrivals - transferssecuritycargobaggagetraffic and continuous other tasks have one thing in common; reliable communication is needed to maintain and successfully control ports and airports of any kind. 


EXPLORE two-way radios key features FOR PORT MANAGEMENT

Direct push-to-talk communication with your team. An effective dispatch management enables you to optimise team communication and deliver greater efficiency and operational results.

Follow workers, vehicles and business assets in real-time to ensure maximum safety and productivity.

Improve the safety of personnel with automatic alarms and Lone Worker protection. Radio built-in accelerometer enables Man Down alarm based on angle and movement and can trigger alarm in the event of an emergency.

Use telemetry ready radios to open and close security gates. Dispatcher is also able to view areas when events occur using stream from IP cameras.

Set up Geofencing and log radio movement using configurable set of rules. Add zones on map and monitor when vehicles enter or leave a region or trigger speeding alarm.

Efficient communication for everyone


For the office
Fleet managers and supervisors can have direct push-to-talk communication with drivers, warehouse workers and dispatch teams. Via the optional WAVETM Work Group Communication solution, MOTOTRBO extends push-to-talk capabilities to smartphones, so that the drivers and fleet managers can have instant connection with users who are not carrying two-way radios. 

For the loading bay
Poor mobile coverage can often mean that radio is the only way to communicate between teams to ensure safety and efficient handling of goods. The MOTOTRBO radios includes features for improved coordination, provide long battery life, and enhanced coverage to help make sure communication is uninterrupted and alerts can always be heard. 

For the ship
Communicate easily with the harbour management and other dock workers to ensure smooth docking and loading. 

For the warehouse
Communicate with excellent audio clarity and hands free with MOTOTRBO’s accessories. Wireless accessories with noise-cancelling features ensure clear communication in noisy environments.

For the vehicle
Drive without distraction, while still communicating naturally with dispatch station and others on the road. Focus on clear instant communication that does not compromise safety with foot-operated push-to-talk headsets. The headset has no trailing wires, offers text-to-speech messaging, and visor-mounted microphones for smooth communication.

For hazardous environments
Where hazardous substances are handled, risks are high and workers’ safety is paramount. MOTOTRBO’s location-tracking and motion-sensing functions give a priceless layer of additional safety to users, while extended coverage and long-battery life helps ensure they are always in reach and can be found quickly in case of an emergency.


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