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Danimex offers solutions to cater for all IT backhaul and access solutions. The solutions are scalable and can cover from the smallest home to the largest company’s IT requirements.


Partner Case Studies


PCS Series #18 - Port of Guaymas

PCS Series #17 - Megabangna

PCS Series #16 - Marinos Market

PCS Series #15 - Georgetown

PCS Series #14 - East Texas Medical Center

PCS Series #13 - CBS

PCS Series #12 - Alabama Security

PCS Series #5 – ACE6 POC Operations

PCS Series #4 – ACE6 Paris Catacombs

PCS Series #3 – ACE6 Search & Rescue

PCS Series #2 – Bubye Valley Conservancy

PCS Series #1 – SMC Gateway at Marwell Zoo


Partner Solutions


PS Series #10 – ACE6 MESH for mining

PS Series #9 – ACE6 Tactical First Responders Solutions

PS Series #8 – ACE6 Anti-Human Trafficking Operations

PS Series #7 – ACE6 LEO vs GEO SATCOM

PS Series #6 – DTC Warfighter


PS Series #5 – DTC Law Enforcement

PS Series #4 – DTC Robotics

PS Series #3 – DTC Mining

PS Series #2 – DTC Maritime

PS Series #1 – DTC Commercial


Danimex Solutions

CS Series #6 – Integrated Communication Solutions

CS Series #5 – Small to large TEAM POC solution for government, security and police

CS Series #4 - Medium to large TEAM POC solution for mining

CS Series #3 - Medium to large TEAM POC solution for oil & gas

CS Series #2 - Small team POC solution

CS Series #1 - Off site IT solution


Danimex Communication


Solutions for the Oil & Gas Industry


Solutions for the Mining industry


Danimex Communication is an
award winning distributor of
radio communication solutions and
equipment throughout the world.

Motorola Solutions - value added distributor


Global Compact
ISO 9001
Trace Certified
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