TASSTA POC Solutions

TASSTA is a provider of POC (push to talk over cellular) services which allow for full cloud or locally hosted solutions.  The solution can work as a standalone POC service or be fully integrated with your own PMR radio solution (Motorola, HYTERA and DAMM) through TASSTA bridge.

The T.bridge is the TASSTA bridge to PMR networks. It is a professional middleware solution to integrate TASSTA with any professional mobile radio network. 

- Extend your existing PMR System
- Connect different PMR systems
- Low technical and financial investment


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TASSTA POC Solutions

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  • PTT-based radio system
  • For Android, Windows & iOS
  • For mobile and desktop clients
  • User-friendly and intuitive design

MCPTT- MISSION CRITICAL PUSH-TO-TALK can be found at www.tassta.com/mcptt
Case studies can be found at www.tassta.com/industries

Push-to-Talk is more than only two-way radiocommunication. Group communication is included in TASSTA’s solution features for smartphones, PCs or two-way devices. TASSTA Push-To-Talk
Solution eliminates the bounds of all your communications. You can have the most efficient way to communicate to your team, with broadband, WiFi and the best carrier, device and application options.

MCPTT - Mission Critical Push-To-Talk
MCX TASSTA solution is applicable primarily to mission critical services using LTE access.
Certain MC service functions such as dispatch and administrative functions could also be supported via non-3GPP access networks.

Available features:
- Task Management
- Messaging
- Data & File Exchange
- E2E Encryption
- Map Tools
- Indoor Localization
- Lone Worker Protection
- Remote Control
- Event Journal
- Local History

TASSTA Industries
Modern communication technologies like TASSTA have a profound impact on a variety of business processes and help to improve the quality and efficiency of communication and lower the costs. The use of advanced TASSTA communication solution can give an organization a competitive advantage. In addition, TASSTA might be an essential element in the strategic plan of many organizations. TASSTA Solutions are ideal for industries such as:
- Agriculture
- Airports
- Building & Construction
- Couriers & Express Services
- Fire Brigades & Emergency Services
- Event Management
- Healthcare
- Hotel, Campus & Shopping Centers
- Logistics
- Navigation, Freight & Ports
- Public Transport
- Public or Private Security Companies
- Governmental Organizations
- Taxi Services


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