Motorola VZ-30 portable analog radio

Dedicated PTT Communication

The VZ-30 is a cost effective radio communication solution meant for both first time and intermediate users.
This portable radio is equipped with the necessary features to ensure reliable communication.

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Motorola VZ-30 portable analog radio

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  • RF power: 5W(V), 4W(U)
  • Channels: 32
  • Battery: 1800mAH LiION
  • Audio O/P: 1W
    IP rating: IP54

Simple and Reliable 
The VZ-30 radio is easy to use right out of the box and is reliable so you are always in contact with your team.

Never miss a call
Scan and Priority Scan options allow you to program and configure your radio to skip channels, letting you communicate quickly using the right channel.

Internal VOX
The built-in Voice Activated Transmission (VOX) enables hands-free operation without having to use the radio’s Push to Talk button, maximizing productivity and efficiency that’s critical to your business.

Channel Announcement
Upon channel switching, the radio announces the current channel. You can toggle between channels without having to look at the radio, thus improving your productivity.

Loud and Clear Audio
The 1-Watt speaker ensures important communications are heard even in noisy environments.

LI-ION Battery Solutions
Up to 11 hours of talk time allow you and your team to get through a shift without worrying about running out of power.

2-PRONG PIN Accessory Connector 
The 2-prong pin side connector enables standard audio accessories to be used, helping reduce your overall cost of ownership.


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