RolaTube 3.5m Squad IAM VHF (30-300MHz) Range Extender

RF Range Extender

Fast - Compact - Light - Effective RF Range Extension for HandHeld and ManPack Radios


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RolaTube 3.5m Squad IAM VHF (30-300MHz) Range Extender

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  • Highly compact
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Weather resistant
  • Quick deployment and recovery
  • “Plug and play” range extension for tactical communications

Building on the impact of the 7m RAMM systems, end user and OEM feedback indicated a desire for a smaller, lower power and simpler “man portable” IAM system that could be used by a squad on patrol for instant range extension should it be required. The output from this operational requirement is the 3.5m SQUAD IAM system. Weighing just 1.4kg, and having a packed size of 15cm x 15cm, it offers patrolling soldiers an immensely valuable system for very little compromise to the total burden distribution. The benefits of the system are equally valid for first responders, federal and NGO type users, where portability and compactness are valued when operating in difficult RF terrain.

Working in the 30 – 300MHz range at 25 watts, the system delivers significant range extension capability for VOR communications. It comes with a flying lead for attachment to man portable radio sets, and can either be hand held or independently guyed, depending on the operational situation.  To further enhance the systems capability, ancillary kits are available to allow the mounting of a lightweight self-contained mesh radio on the top of the mast, thereby expanding the system to L-Band and data frequencies.


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