Motorola Accessories - Batteries & Chargers

Different sizes, capacities and types of batteries and chargers are available to meet a wide variety of user requirements.


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Motorola Accessories - Batteries & Chargers

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Motorola offer a range of charging solutions to ensure communication for your mobile workforce.
State-of-the-art IMPRES technology provides a unique battery charging and reconditioning solution.

Get an easy overview of all available MOTOTRBO accessories.
With our accessories brochure, you can compare products and see in an easy way which accessory is available for your radio.
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Choosing the right charger

• Single-unit chargers (SUCs) are ideal for individual users
• Tri-unit chargers allow SL4000 users to charge a radio, spare battery and USB accessory simultaneously
• MULTI-unit chargers (MUCs) for larger fleets charge up to six radios at the same time.
• Fixed or on-the-move. SUCs and MUCs get their power form the mains electricity and are intended for use in static environments. Users who want to recharge their radio whilst on the move in a car or truck should use travel charger that takes its power from the cigarette lighter/ DC power socket.
• IMPRES: Automatic battery charging and conditioning helps prolong lifetime by more than 40% compared to non-IMPRES batteries.
• Information display: IMPRES battery status and charge capacity can be displayed, taking the guess work out of managing battery fleets.

Choosing the right battery
Factors to consider: required run time, operating modes (e.g. GPS updates), chemistry type, operating environment and intrinsic safety regulators.

MAG ONE Batteries
- Reliable performance at a competitive price
- Value-line for competitive bids and price focussed users

Motorola standard batteries
- Batteries you can depend on
- High performance for every day radio users

Motorola IMPRES batteries
- Safer, smarter, last up to 43% longer
- For more demanding radio users


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