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  • Motorola MTP8000Ex SERIES

    This next generation of TETRA radios represents a significant step forward in mission critical communications designed for end-users who work in areas with potentially explosive gases or chemical vapors, flammable liquids or combustible dust.

    The MTP8500Ex portable radio delivers powerful features and user benefits, in a form factor that features a limited keypad ideally suited for operation while wearing heavy gloves. Offering innovative features such as top display, t-bar shaped grip and color display, this TETRA ATEX radio is optimized for use without getting in your way. 

    The MTP8550Ex portable radio delivers powerful features and user benefits, in a form factor that features a full keypad ideally suited for those users who require features offered by an expanded keyboard. Its ergonomic design enables easy operation by offering innovative features such as top display, t-bar shaped grip and color display. The MTP8550Ex TETRA ATEX radio is optimized for use without getting in your way and designed for operation while wearing protective gloves and equipment


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  • Sensear SM1P02 ExDP

    The SM1P02 series is available in (Ex) Intrinsically Safe ATEX / IECEx / UL / CSA versions as well as (DP) Double Protection creating one of the most extensive Intrinsically Safe portfolios in the industry with unique double hearing protection solution for extremely high noise conditions where noise levels may exceed 95 dB. It is available in 3 different wearing styles: Helmet, Headband, and Behind-the-Neck.

    SM1P02 ExDP allows for communication via face-to-face, 2-way radio, Bluetooth, and headset-to-headset via short-range.

    This new industrial headset offers a robust design adhering to higher noise reduction standards, and also has an upgraded Bluetooth module that allows for the streaming of audio to the headset.


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  • Senear VM1R

    VM1R series Two-Way Radio Communication Headsets that are powered from the two-way radio battery with minimal power draw. 

    VM1R provides integrated two-way radio communications in high noise environments, with high NRR ratings of 21-25 dB.


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  • Motorola ST7500 Compact TETRA radio

    Compact - Capable - Future ready
    The ST7500 TETRA radio is frontline ready, combining a small but rugged design with mission-critical performance. Easy to wear and easy to use.


    Download specification sheet

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  • Sensear smartPlug R / smartPlug R (IS)

    The smartPlug R is the perfect complement to Radios in High-Noise Environments

    The smartPlug R is a digital hearing protection in-ear-headset solution designed to work with your two-way radio.  Drawing power from the radio, the smartPlug R has no battery and never needs to be charged!


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  • Motorola LEX L11 Mission-Critical LTE device

    Made for the mission ahead

    The LEX L11 is designed with first responders in mind, it is rugged, easy to operate and has loud and clear audio.

    This device performes in the harshest environments, it exceeds the MIL-STD-810G standard for drop and shock resting and is certified at IP67 rating meaning it can withstand complete water immersion for up to 30 minutes at a depth of one meter without any physical or performance damage.

    Download specifications

    LEX L11 Accessories catalogue


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  • Sensear smartPlug

    Noise Suppressing Ear Plugs for Industrial Environments

    The smartPlug is a digital hearing protection in-ear-headset solution for use in some of the world's largest industries, where high noise and extreme environments are part of the everyday challenges to communications and hearing protection.


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  • DMR to dPMR/TETRA Gateway Solution

    Simple solutions to bridge between DMR and other radio networks

    Our two solutions cover:

    - DMR to dPMR
    - DMR to TETRA


    Download our datasheet here


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  • Motorola MXP600 TETRA Portable Radio

    Designed and built for frontline workers - the MXP600 mission-critical radio is a rugged and lightweight yet fully capable TETRA portable radio that is easy to carry and easy to use.

    MXP600 benefits from innovative audio technology, LMR and Wi-Fi Over-the-Air Programming, HD voice ready-hardware and Bluetooth® 5.0 for a leading-edge user experience today and ready for mission-critical communications tomorrow.
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  • DAMM BS421 Outdoor System – Single-Tech TETRA

    DAMM BS421 Outdoor System is a compact, rugged, lightweight, mast-mountable TETRA outdoor base station that comes with integrated software for full asset management and offers easy, unlimited integration of customized applications. The IP65 rating eliminates the need for special housing for cooling. Additionally, a very low power consumption makes it possible to run on solar power.

    DAMM BS421 is part of DAMM’s single-technology portfolio, but can be fully integrated into any of their multi-technology products.

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