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  • LRAD 100X

    The LRAD 100X is a self-contained, portable communication system for on-scene and tactical communication.

    With unparalleled vocal...

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  • 360XL-MD

    Genasys’ indoor/outdoor omni-directional emergency warning and public address system is housed in a lightweight, compact form factor.
    Featuring Genasys’ industry-leading ...

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  • LRAD 100X MAG-HS

    The LRAD 100X MAG-HS Kit consists of an LRAD 100X, a mount with four high strength magnets that clamp to, and unclamp from, magnetic surfaces with a turn of a knob, an LRAD Wireless Kit for remote ...

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  • 360XT

    The 360XT is a mobile mass notification system that delivers Genasys’ wold renowned, highly intelligible voice and warning tone broadcasts with ful...

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  • LRAD 450XL

    The LRAD 450XL utilizes technology developed and patented* by Genasys Inc. to provide the audio output of larger acoustic hailers almost twice its size and weight, while delivering the same outstan...

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  • Enhanced 60 degree horn

    The DS-60XL incorporates highly intelligible, focused sound in a small form factor to customize public safety and mass notification audio dispersion patterns and distribute voice communications mor...

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  • LRAD 500X

    The LRAD 500X-RE is compact, lightweight and designed for applications ranging from fixed security installations to small/

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  • Advanced Control Cabinet

    The Advanced Control Cabinet powers and controls the 360X Single or Double Stack, and up to eight DS-60XL arrays.

    The ACC include...

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  • LRAD 950NXT

    The LRAD 950NXT is a cutting-edge long-range acoustic device designed by Genasys Inc. for clear communication and emergency notification. The LRAD 950NXT's advanced features allow it to transmit cl...

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  • Compact Control Cabinet

    The Compact Control Cabinet powers and controls the 360XL Single Stack, 360XL MID Single and Dual Stack and up to four DS-60XL arrays.

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