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Motorola Solutions VX- and EVX- series radios

23rd January 2018 Print article
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Motorola Solutions VX- and EVX- series radios




Motorola has announced the latest addition to the Motorola Solutions licensed two-way radio portfolio.
The VX- and EVX- series radios provide easy-to-use reliable communications.


Analog only models:

VX-260 Series portable radios: the VX-261 (no display) and VX-264 (with display) give basic push-to talk communication that’s an ideal introduction to licensed two-way radio.

VX-450 Series portable radios: the VX-451 (no display), VX-454 (display and limited keypad) and VX-459 (display and full keypad) boast a rugged waterproof design with enhanced features like Lone Worker and Emergency Alerts.

VX-2000 Series mobile radios: the VX-2100 (single-digit numeric display) and VX-2200 (8-character alphanumeric display) are compact and easy to install and offer multiple scan options.

Dual analogue and DMR digital models:

EVX-261 portable radio: the EVX-261 has crisp and clear audio and provides a cost-effective path for design migration.

EVX-S24 portable radio: available in black or yellow housing, EVX-S24 is IP67 dust- and waterproof to meet harder working environment.

Key benefits

GOODBYE CROSSTALK - Your business conversations should stay inside your business
EVX and VX Series radios are fully licensed, so you don’t have to share a frequency with anyone nearby. Crosstalk is minimised, and your people can focus on the task at hand.

BROADEN YOUR REACH - Coverage matters when you’re trying to run a safe, efficient business
With higher transmit power, EVX and VX Series radios let you communicate over a wider area. Your team stays in touch and in control across a sprawling campus, a spread out facility, or even up and down multiple floors of a building.

POWER THROUGH THE SHIFT - Go the entire work shift and then some without having to recharge
With EVX and VX Series radios, your team won’t worry about running out of power or losing the ability to communicate. Reduce downtime and increase safety with a radio you can rely on.

COME IN LOUD AND CLEAR​ - With proven audio performance, you can hear and be heard in just about any situation
Instantly know who’s talking so you don’t have to waste valuable time identifying yourself. And get your point across the first time instead of asking for an important detail to be repeated. The result? Everyday conversations go smoothly and your team gets more done.

KEEP YOUR TEAM SAFE - Keeping employees safe and sound is the most important job of any business
EVX and VX Series radios have built-in safety features designed to get your employees help immediately in the case of an emergency.


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