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New products - MOHOC® and MOHOC® 2!

Introducing the MOHOC® and MOHOC® 2, innovative helmet camera systems designed for rigorous conditions and ideal for military and law enforcement use.

The MOHOC® boasts a helmet-conforming design with a compact, water-resistant, and shock-tolerant enclosure, ensuring high-definition and night vision recording capabilities essential for post-mission analysis, training, and evidential documentation.

The MOHOC® 2 takes it a step further, offering live video transmission through tactical communications channels. Its enhanced low-light functionality, real-time streaming, and configurable video protocol options make it a critical solution for unique communication requirements.

Both models have earned the trust of global armed forces and law enforcement agencies for their resilience, seamless helmet integration, and consistent operational efficiency. For mission-critical tactical recordings, choose the MOHOC® and MOHOC® 2.

Contact the Danimex sales team to learn more about these cutting-edge cameras.

Learn more about the MOHOC® here! 

Learn more about the MOHOC® 2 here! 


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