The Tactical Backpack Kit

Unleash Your Potential in the Field with Our Tactical Backpack Kit!

Our top-of-the-line tactical backpack is designed for any mission. It is packed with a wide range of essential tools and equipment to enhance your operational readiness and effectiveness in various environments.

Stay connected with our advanced communication systems, and keep your devices powered up with our reliable power solutions. Our mission-critical kit is designed to support you in the field, ensuring that you have everything you need to succeed.

Whether you're in the wilderness or on the front lines, our tactical backpack is the ultimate solution.


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Included in the Kit:

  • Tactical Backpack: The Mountain Raptor II backpack by Crib Gogh is a cutting-edge 35-liter rucksack designed any mission, meeting NATO standard STANAG 2895 for extreme climatic conditions.
  • Communication Systems: The backpack includes the Motorola DM 1400 VHF, a licensed mobile radio with a numeric display and 16 channels.
  • Rolatube Integrated Antenna Mast (IAM): The Rolatube ensures no conductivity or signal loss when in contact with grounded objects and features an omni-directional antenna that increases range capability. 
  • Sordin Headsets: The Sordin Supreme MIL CC Slim and the Sordin PTT single com splash-proof feature a waterproof design, microphones for surround hearing, and two loudspeakers in each cup.
  • Power Solutions: The backpack includes the Goal Zero Sherpa 100AC GEN4, a powerful and versatile power bank designed for travel and remote work, the Goal Zero Nomad 50, a portable solar panel with a versatile four-panel foldable design that maximizes solar collection when stationary, and the Tracer battery is a reliable power source known for its durability and performance.
  • Procom Antenna: The 50 W Steel Band antenna designed for the 150 MHz range is a reliable choice for any mission, offering good signal quality and easy installation.
  • External Charging Kit: The Nomad 50 and Sherpa 100 AC are included in the external charging kit, ensuring power on-the-go.
  • Alternative Options: Tactical headsets, such as the M10 HEADSET and DP1400 PTT, are available as alternative products, offering a lightweight design with a headset and a PTT harness.


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