Sensear smartPlug R / smartPlug R (IS)

The smartPlug R is the perfect complement to Radios in High-Noise Environments

The smartPlug R is a digital hearing protection in-ear-headset solution designed to work with your two-way radio.  Drawing power from the radio, the smartPlug R has no battery and never needs to be charged!


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Sensear smartPlug R / smartPlug R (IS)

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  • Disposable foam or silicone ear tip options for user comfort
  • 82 dB(A) limited in-ear and in-ear voice pick up
  • Has an NRR of 31 dB
  • No Battery, uses power from radio (radio cable required), so there is no charging required
  • Rugged design with belt clip for ease of wear essential for high-noise industrial environments where equipment is subjected to rough handling
  • Larger more ergonomic Push-to-Talk (PTT) Module for improved tactile button presses
  • New detachable ear piece assembly allowing for multiple users to share the base unit on consecutive shifts
  • SENS® Technology - remain aware of your surrounding noises and hazards
  • USB for programming allows simple configuration of the headset by a dealer
  • Ideal for use with respirators
  • Intrinsically Safe (IS) version available

The smartPlug R is an in-ear hearing protection solution built specifically to enhance two-way radio communications in high-noise environments. The solution complements Sensear’s SM1R series, as it is powered by your two-way radio, thus eliminating the need for a battery inside the unit. Similar to the rest of Sensear’s portfolio, the smartPlug R pairs Sensear’s patented technology and a noise-suppression microphone to allow users in high-noise environments to communicate either via face-to-face or via two-way radios, while maintaining 360° audible awareness of their surroundings and protecting your hearing.

Some notable enhancements to the smartPlug R include: a larger more ergonomic PTT module for improved tactile button presses and a new detachable ear piece assembly allowing for multiple users to share the base unit on consecutive shifts. Lastly, the smartPlug R is also available in an Intrinsically Safe version to for when equipment has to adhere to hazardous location standards.


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