Vocality RoIP - Radio over IP connectivity solution

The Vocality RoIP provides users with a simple to use and small form factor Radio over IP connectivity solution.

Fully compatible with a wide range of third party radio dispatch solutions and mobile apps, Vocality RoIP allows users to benefit from Push-to-Talk over Cellular while maximizing their existing PTT investment. 

Connect up to four radio devices from different manufacturers regardless of radio brand, frequency or technology. Multiple agencies can connect their radios to Vocality RoIP to create a single, unified radio solution locally and/or via the cellular network.

The optional Wi-Fi access point dongle allows devices such as laptops and tablets access to the cellular data network via the RoIP, sharing the available resources.

The Vocality RoIP can be expanded with the addition of RoIP Connect and Rack Kit to offer up to a 12-port Radio over IP solution.

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Vocality RoIP

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  • Embedded 4G LTE to easily connect PTT radios to cellular networks and smartphone PTT apps
  • Extensive range of connectivity options: wired, 4G LTE and Wi-Fi
  • Supports multiple radio devices and manufacturers


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Vocality RoIP Product Overview

Cubic Mission Solutions

RoIP Gateway
Connect push to talk radios into IP infrastructure, for onward connection to VoIP phones, telephone PBX systems, radio dispatch servers and push to talk smartphone applications.

Multi-Bearer Support
Automatically switch between networks including cellular, Wi-Fi, fixed line and satellite based on user preference, helping to maintain connectivity and reduce service charges.

Integrated 4G LTE
Connect radios via 4G LTE networks for connectivity beyond normal radio range to anywhere in the world.

Radio Dispatch
A lightweight console application with a drag-anddrop user interface providing connectivity between multiple radio devices and ability to create radio talk groups.


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