Motorola VX-450 Series portable analog radios

For robust, dedicated push-to-talk communication, look to the VX-450 Series.

Choose from three analogue portable radios: the VX-451 (without display) and the VX-454/VX-459 (with display). Water submersible and with a rugged construction, it’s built for use in harsh conditions. With enhanced interoperability, the VX-450 series offers comprehensive signalling options including: MDC1200®, DTMF, deeper and richer 2-tone options, as well as 5-tone capabilities. Available with a range of flexible energy solutions and accessories, you’ll have all you need to provide your team with the perfect communication solution.

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Motorola VX-450 Series portable analog radios

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  • Mode: Analogue
  • Frequency Bands: VHF/UHF
  • Display:
    - Non-Display (VX-451)
    - Display with limited keypad (VX-454)
    - Display with full keypad (VX-459)
  • IP Rating: IP57
  • Channel Capacity:
    -32 Channels, 2 Group (VX-451)
    - 512 Channels, 32 Group (VX-454) (VX-459)
  • Accessory Connector Style: Single Pin/ Side Attach


  • Channel Capacity:
    - 32 Channels/ 1 Group (VX-451)
    - 512 Channels/ 32 Groups (VX-454, VX-459)
  • Programmable Buttons:
    - 3 Programmable Buttons (VX-451)
    - 7 Programmable Buttons (VX-454)
    - 9 Programmable Buttons (VX-459)
  • Display:
    - No Display (VX-451)
    - 8-Character Alphanumeric Display (VX-454/459)
  • Safety Features:
    - Lone Worker Alert
    - Emergency Alert
  • Solid Build for Extreme Environments (IP57)
  • Voice Inversion Encryption
  • Manual On/Off Encryption Activation
  • Large Group Communication Made Easy to Manage
  • RX/TX Battery Power Save
  • Compander
  • Clear Voice
  • Whisper
  • Minimum Volume Control
  • Manual Squelch Adjustment
  • Busy Channel Lock Out (BCLO)
  • Busy Tone Lock Out (BTLO)
  • Time Out Timer (TOT)
  • Programmable LED Colour Alert
  • Scan Features:
    - Priority
    - Dual Watch
    - Follow-Me
    - Talk Around
  • Radio-to-Radio Cloning


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