Hytera MT680 Plus S - TETRA mobile radio

The MT680 Plus S from Hytera is the ideal TETRA mobile radio for use in vehicles or on a desktop.
The MT680 Plus S stands out due to its high reliability, easy to use interface and vast feature set to meet tough applications across all sectors.

Product number

Hytera MT680 Plus S

Only available in the Nordic countries

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Safety functions for the user:

  • Emergency button
  • Call barring
  • Configuration protection / configuration password
  • Programmable key lock (dedicated keys can be excluded from locking)
  • Lone worker function
  • TX Inhibit (TXI)


Versatile operating modes
As well as Direct Mode (DMO) and Trunked Radio Mode (TMO), the MT680 Plus S supports ETSI DMO Gateway and ETSI type 1A DMO Repeater operation. By using one of these advanced operating modes, the MT680 Plus S can boost the area of operation for other TETRA users.

Exceptional audio
The MT680 Plus S features an advanced audio chip with new noise cancelling capability.
Thus, users working in noisy environments benefit from improved audio quality and clearer communications.

Robust, durable design and easy to handle
The robust design of the MT680 Plus S is coupled with a large TFT LCD display with 260,000 colours, delivering troube-free viewing - even in bright light.
The user-friendly interface, data entry via keypad, and effcient 4-Watt speaker ensure it's easy to operate, improving the quality of call handling. It's also possibleto tailor the menu structure of the user-interface to each user's needs.

Remarkable quality and flexible installation
Thanks to its customer-centric design, the MT680 Plus S can be installed practically anywhere. You can install the operating head wherever the control elements are easily accessible. The front panel is dust-proof and water-proof in accordance with IP67 and is extremely reliable, even in tough, mission-critical situations.

Versatile services and functionality
MT680 Plus S supports voice and data services according to the TETRA standard. Thanks to the integrated GPS function, it is possible to access precise positioning information. The optional encryption and recording functions also oer added security and accountability.

Immediate and direct communication
Thanks to the high 10-W transmitting power, the MT680 Plus S allows users to reach other team members, even over large distances. The MT680 Plus S provides fast access to the TETRA mobile radio network and roaming services. The mobile is also compatible with base stations and other terminals from dierent manufacturers using the TETRA standard.


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