When you need to reach beyond the horizon 

The troposcatter offers wireless communications in environments, where terrestrial communications are unavailable, inefficient or too expensive. 

If you need a high, stable bandwith at no transmission cost, the troposcatter is a compatible choice. Handy, mobile units are available, but often the troposcatter is used for permanent setups over long distances to and from islands or offshore rigs.

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Comtech Systems Inc. is globally recognized for its state of the art high capacity digital troposcatter systems. 

Danimex is a certified distributor for Comtech Systems Inc. and carries their full range of digital troposcatters. 
We can support your troposcatter projects in most regions and will tailor systems based on your needs

The Software

Modern troposcatter hard- and software is scalable, modular and flexible. Virtually any configuration and level of integration is possible today. Danimex is your expert source for guidance and assistance within this competitive technology. 

Comtech Systems' troposcatter system offer:

  • Rapid deployable, up to 22 Mb/s
  • Small, medium or large transportable tactical systems with range up to 350 km
  • Ideal for fixed or temporary communication between HQ and operational units
  • Superior Bit Error Rate Performance
  • Proven technology used by several militaries around the world
  • Field proven during Desert Storm and current operations in Iraq and Afghanistan

The Solutions

Mobile Troposcatter Solutions
Troposcatter components have become extremely compact and flexible. Current mobile solutions, such as the TCT, are handier than ever.

The Transportable Tropo Communications Terminal
The Transportable Tropo Communications Terminal (TCT) is easy to handle and straight forward to operate. Two trained people can set it up and activate it in little more than half an hour.


  • Nominal range 125 km
  • Setup and link activation less than 30 minutes P
  • Provides 16 Mb/s with C S6716 or 20 Mb/s Data throughput with C S67200
  • Turbo code forward error correction for high quality data services
  • Modem redundancy (Built-In Spares)
  • Adaptive link power control to reduce RF signature and overshoot
  • Customer specified baseband interface
  • Remote monitoring and configuration

Fixed Troposcatter Solutions
There exists many forms of fixed troposcatters and it can be on an offshore oil rig or in wide open areas. Whatever the infrastructure or not, Danimex can assist you in which solution will be most suitable for you.

Here is an example on specifications for a fixed Troposcatter on an oil rig:

  • Antennas can range from 2.40 m to 4.6 m parabolic
  • Dual polarized feeds
  • Small antennas can be installed vertically on a single tower
  • Large antennas are installed horizontally on separate towers or on the superstructure


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