Cobham Explorer 727

High Speed Vehicular Broadband:
For reliable and fast data and quality voice communication, even at high speed, choose Explorer 727, the BGAN terminal for vehicular use.

It provides broadband on the move with speeds up to 200 km/h and gives full IP connectivity.

The Explorer 727 is flexible in terms of attaching the antenna. It can be on the car or even 50 m from campsite enabling you to connect instantly. 

EXPLORER BGAN is a series of L-band satellite terminals utilizing the BGAN network from Inmarsat.

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  • Broadband-on-the-move
  • Two Terminals in One
  • BGAN S-Stream
  • Streaming on the move
  • Reliable Connectivity
  • Across Borders
  • Package
  • Best in class
  • Mobile Communication
  • Store-and-forward

Key features

Automatically tracks satellite positions and thereby making high-speed connectivity and communication possible with speeds up to 200 km/h.

Two Terminals in One
Can become a Inmarsat Class 1 terminal when at a standstill making it the only vehicular BGAN terminal that can be used with BGAN X-Stream, Inmarsat's premium IP streaming service,

BGAN S-Stream
Provides up to +384 kbps streaming when Explorer 727 is at a standstill. Watch HD video and audio problemfree. 

Streaming on the move
When on the move streaming speeds are up to 254 kbps with the regular streaming service.

Reliable Connectivity
Withstands severe environmental conditions, such as humidity, dust, extreme weather and changing temperatures.    

Across Borders
Travel across countries and borders without worrying about roaming fees and benefit from BGAN tariff wherever you are.

Consists of three fully integrated units; a transceiver, an IP handset and a roof mountable antenna.

Best in class
Most comprehensive and best in class Mobile Communication Hub. 

Mobile Communication
Place the antenna on the roof of your vehicle to turn it into a complete mobile communication hub. Provides access to the internet and phone networks instantly.

Facilitates both live streaming and store-and-forward and enables direct transmission from the hot spots of the world.

Download specifications for Explorer 727 here.


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