Motorola Accessories - Earpieces & headsets

Make and receive calls without the need to remove the radio from your belt.

Earpieces allow the user to communicate discreetly without messages distributing or being listened to by others.

Headsets provide the discretion of earpieces, plus additional comfort or ear defence in active or noisy environments.

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Motorola Accessories - Earpieces & headsets

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  • Help protect radio from drops and misuse
  • Leaves hands free to carry out the job at hand
  • Provides discreet communications without disturbing others
  • Reduces missed calls and prevents eavesdropping

Get an easy overview of all available MOTOTRBO accessories.

With our accessories brochure, you can compare products and see in an easy way which accessory is available for your radio.
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1-wire earpiece
• Simple listen-only function
• In-ear and on-ear types available
• Some models include in-line PTT/microphone

2-wire earpiece
• Earpiece and combined microphone/PTT on separate wires
• Make and receive calls using 2-wire earpieces

3-wire earpiece
• Highest level of flexibility and discretion
• Earpiece, microphone and PTT on 
• 3 separate wires

Headsets combine a speaker earmuff, microphone and headband
• Headband holds handset securely in place
• Microphone is mounted on flexible boom, allowing it to be positioned close to mouth
• Single and dual-earmuff models available

Ultra-light and lightweight headsets
• Two ultra-lightweight types available:
- Ear-sets with an on-ear speaker with boom microphone
- Ultra-light (also known as Breeze) headsets have a narrow steel band worn around the back of the head
• Lightweight headsets have headband that fits over the head

Medium and heavy-duty headsets
• Include two ear cups for hearing protection
• More robust boom microphone
• Heavy duty headsets provide noise attenuation up to 24dB

Specialist headsets
• Noise cancelling headsets
• IMPRES headsets suppress background noise, improve voice intelligibility and smooth out charges in voice level
• IMPRES Temple transducer uses bone conduction to give clear voice quality even in noisy environments, but leaves the ears unobstructed so the user can be fully aware of sounds around them. Can be worn with safety glasses and hard hat.


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