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Danimex academy is proud to launch a new series of online trainings about MotoTRBO technologies.
Key words: Online, Efficient, Price Efficient, Investment light, Privacy, Personal

Why Online? 
The demand for trainings has increased and due to travel restrictions we cannot meet in person.

Why efficient?
No need for travel time in conjunction with a Classroom training Course.

Why Price efficient?
No need for accommodations and travel cost as you would with a Classroom training Course.

Why Investment light?
We use our equipment and you are working on default codeplugs originated from us.

Why Privacy?
We use the Citrix training platform, which ensures you full privacy.

Why Personal?

This training is intended for you as an individual, and certificated is issued in your name.

Each Training will be of 2 day duration (each 4 hours) of common training and as a part of the evaluation 1 hour of 1 to 1 training.

There is a price associated with each of the training, please register to get a quote.

Please note, due to the current situation concerning the COVID-19 pandemic, some trainings have been postponed until further notice.

Scheduled events Dates Location Status
IP-Site-Connect (IPSC) ? Online Pending
Capacity Plus single site ? Online Pending
IP-Site-Connect (IPSC) ? Online Pending
Capacity Plus single site ? Online Pending
Coverage and Capacity Dimensioning ? Online Pending
Capacity Plus Multisite ? Online Pending
Radio Management RM programming ? Online Pending
Radio Central ? Online Pending
Capacity Max ? Online Pending
Danimex ACADEMY Mototrbo Classrom training Q2 Classroom, Sønderborg Denmark Pending

If you have requests for courses not mentioned above, you can always contact with your wishes.

Training Flow
After receiving payment but Before the event we will send:

  • System Planner
  • Relevant software (CPS, RM etc.)
  • relevant planning tools
  • Training material in PDF format.

Q.A. During event
Test at the end of each event + evaluation

Programming exercise which will be tested individually on Danimex Hardware offline, evaluated and in a 1 to 1 event as well as emailed back.

Danimex certificate

Web Training contents


  • IPSC-01 IP-Site-Connect (IPSC). Introduction to technologies, CPS 16 versus CPS 2 Single site repeaters and IPSC Repeaters IP infrastructure design Practical programming Repeaters Introduction Radio devices (DP4801e) Programming DP4801e to match the infrastructure of repeaters  
  • CPSS-01 Capacity Plus single site (Prerequisite: IPSC programming or equivalent knowledge) Introduction to technologies, Single site Capacity Plus repeater Practical programming Repeaters Introduction Radio devices (DP4801e) Programming DP4801e to match the infrastructure of repeaters  
  • CPMS-01 Capacity Plus Multisite (Prerequisite: Capacity Plus Single Site or equivalent knowledge) Introduction to technologies, Multisite Capacity Plus repeater Practical programming Repeaters Introduction Radio devices (DP4801e) Programming DP4801e to match the infrastructure of repeaters  
  • RM-01 Radio Management RM programming Radio Management RM programming Understanding Configuration and Sets Programming Using cables   Over The Air Programming OTAP Using control station simplex / duplex & DDMS Using repeater & MNIS & DDMS  
  • CM-01 Capacity Max info and operation Training course ‘after deployment’ of your capacity Max system RM & OTAP management Maintaining your system Using system Advisor  
  • RC-01 Radio Central (new online portal for Release 3.0 products) For example Motorola ION Using release 3.0 programming and management tool  
  • CTRL-ROOM-01 Controlroom solution (Prerequisite: Capacity Plus Multi Site or equivalent knowledge) Introduction to technologies, Control room solution Difference between Enterprise and Plus Server management Interconnection options  Dispatching management, usage.

Capacity max operation and maintenance training 

This is an independent training that can be offered with or without “Motorola Design and deploy training” 

When you have completed this training, you will be able to maintain and expand your Capacity Max system and your control room solution.

Topics are:

  • IP-Layout
  • Radio Management / OTAP
  • CMSS
  • Switches
  • Routers
  • Control room solution 

Important Requirements

To participate in the 2-day MOTOTRBO Web Trainings and the Capacity MAX training, we recommend that the delegate has a broad IP knowledge and a fundamental knowledge of the technology behind radio communication and MOTOTRBO. If these requirements are not fulfilled, the delegate will not benefit from the course and will be unable to achieve the expected result.

These requirements are set to maintain a high level of expertise in this intensive and advanced course and to ensure that the delegates have the right level of knowledge.

Having Participated in previous Danimex academy MotoTRBO trainings will also qualify.

Can the pre-requisite knowledge be learnt prior to the course?

If you are a certified Motorola reseller, then you have access to LXP (Motorola Solutions' Learning Experience Portal).
Here you can acquire the knowledge by completing the following online courses;

  • RDS0002 - Basic RF 
  • RDS0003 - Basic Networking 
  • RDS0004 - Basic Radio

If you are not a certified Motorola reseller there are many other online options in which you can attain this knowledge.

You might already have the required knowledge through your work with IP or through other courses.

It is up to the individual to decide if he/she will be able to successfully participate in this intensive 5-day course and Danimex will not take any responsibility for participants who sign up without the required knowledge and experience.


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