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With our 5-day MOTOTRBO Professional course, you will be given the opportunity to expand on your existing technical skills with our experienced trainer covering digital systems and installations as well as technical hands on training that will allow you to demonstrate your skills in practice.

There is a huge demand for skilled professionals within the advanced radio solutions market and this course will enable you to stand out in the crowd and improve your company's position in the market by providing the potential for increased sales and better customer service.



  • Describe MOTOTRBO system capabilities and system components, radio portfolio features, and data application possibilities.
  • Describe system topologies including digital migration.
  • Demonstrate system design considerations for capacity planning, coverage planning, and other system functions.
  • Setup, install and configure MOTOTRBO’s Customer Programming Software.


Knowledge of the following criteria is crucial:

  • Knowledge of basic two-way FM and Digital Communications
  • A working knowledge of Microsoft® Windows features
  • Knowledge of basic networking concepts and industry standards


  • MOTOTRBO™ System Training
  • Course Overview
  • Provides an overview of MOTOTRBO System Training
  • System and Product Introduction
  • Identify system capabilities and system components
  • System Design: Topologies and Capacity Planning, Configurations
  • Layout system diagram and how components are connected

Important Requirements

To participate in the 5-day MOTOTRBO Advanced Training Course we recommend that the delegate has a broad IP knowledge and a fundamental knowledge of the technology behind radio communication and MOTOTRBO. If these requirements are not fulfilled, the delegate will not benefit from the course and will be unable to achieve the expected result.

These requirements are set to maintain a high level of expertise in this intensive and advanced course and to ensure that the delegates have the right level of knowledge.
Group work can be expected.

Can the pre-requisite knowledge be learnt prior to the course?

If you are a certified Motorola reseller, then you have access to LMS (Motorola Solutions' Learning Management System).
Here you can acquire the knowledge by completing the following online courses;

  • RDS0002 - Basic RF 
  • RDS0003 - Basic Networking 
  • RDS0004 - Basic Radio

If you are not a certified Motorola reseller there are many other online options in which you can attain this knowledge.

You might already have the required knowledge through your work with IP or through other courses.

It is up to the individual to decide if he/she will be able to successfully participate in this intensive 5-day course and Danimex will not take any responsibility for participants who sign up without the required knowledge and experience.


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