Hytera TC700P - analog portable radio

Professional analogue two-way radio with additional safety features

Thanks to the advanced audio processing and anti-interference technologies, the HYT TC-700P delivers clear communication even in noisy environments. The multi-level safety mechanism esures the TC-700P is the optimal safety solution for critical applications requiring analogue technology.

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Hytera TC700P - analog portable radio

Only available in the Nordic countries

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  • Vibration alarm
  • Emergency call, lone worker and man down alarm
  • Scrambler
  • Intercept
  • Switching o squelch
  • Announcement of the current channel number
  • Warning with low battery charge
  • Adjusting transmitting power
  • Various signaling types such as telephone signaling, 5-tone sequence and
  • HDC2400TM
  • Call 1 - call 5 (calls assignable to keys, e.g. for 5-tone signaling)
  • Bypassing the repeater (talk around)
  • VOX (voice-controlled send keying)
  • Time-out timer (TOT)
  • Wireless copying of settings to another radio
  • Manual/automatic matching with a PC
  • Patrol monitoring (optional)


Safety guaranteed
To ensure the protection and safety of the user, the TC-700P provides important functions for critical applications, in emergencies or in the event of accidents with its lone worker, man down alarm and emergency alarm features.

High transmitting power
With its transmitting power of up to 5 watt the TC-700P achieves a large range.

Excellent audio quality
Thanks to its powerful loudspeaker with an audio power output of up to 1.5 watt the TC-700P ensures clear communication even in a noisy environment. With the "whisper" feature the TC-700P transmits speech clearly even if the user speaks quietly.

The TC-700P supports two scan types: Normal scans and vote scans. Normal scans make it possible to listen to the transmissions from other channels, while the vote scan helps to establish contact with the nearest base station.


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