Danpoint HF 2000 Series

Cutting edge technology, durable and competitive, Danpoint HF is configurable for mobile or stationary use. Digital inside and software-defined.  
New keyboard technology with user friendly layout and improved menu system. 
Configurable for either mobile or stationary use. One unit, dual uses.
Rugged, solid housing with extensive dust shielding. No moving parts.
No noisy fan which can break down.

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  • 125 Watts programmable transmit power
  • Up to 1,000 Channels with phone book calling
  • Impeccable product quality with a standard 3 years warranty, extendable to 5 years
  • Software based, upgradeable functionality
  • Automatic selection of multiple signaling standards
  • Cutting edge digital signal processing for exceptional audio clarity
  • Keyboard insensitive to wear, dust and weather
  • Configuration software for PC
  • ALE per MIL STD 188-141B
  • Handles CCIR and ALE simultaneously.
  • Full interoperability with major HF brands

Danimex HF 2000 Series
In stationary use, the control-head is placed in an adjustable cradle on the radio.

The same units are used in mobile use, connected, in this case, by a longer cable. 

The keys are strong, arranged logically and placed well protected on the control-head rather than in the microphone to secure ruggedness and low cost of maintenance.

A standard microphone equipped with a MOTOTRBO standard plug is used, and can be easily replaced.

Although producing a true 125 watts of output power, the heat is controlled without use of mechanical fans - resulting in less noise and lowered maintanance costs.

Serviceability is a priority. Software updates can be installed from a PC via USB. 
Cables and microphone connectors are over-sized. Housing is solid aluminum. Nothing is left to chance.

These are some of the reasons why we proudly offer a full 3 year warranty period.

Main specifications:

  • Frequency range: 1.6 to 30 MHz
  • Frequency stability: 0,6 ppm
  • Transmit power: 125 Watts PEP
  • Frequency resolution: 10 Hz
  • Operating temperature range from: -30° to +60°C
  • Storage temperature range from: -40° to +85°C
  • Humidity up to: 95% @ 50°C
  • Operating voltage: 13.8 vdc ±20%, negative ground
  • ALE per MIL STD 188-141B
  • CCIR 493 à 4 & 6 digits selcall per interoperability agreements
  • Upgradable to: 10 digits standard
  • Supports: Beacon call & GPS call
  • Size and weight: WxHxD mm
    • Base radio: 225x92x244.5; 4 Kgs
    • Mobile radio: 225x92x239; 4 Kgs
    • Mobile control panel: 188x72x61.8; 0.5 Kgs


Danimex Communication is an
award winning distributor of
radio communication solutions and
equipment throughout the world.

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