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  • Trbonet Indoor Positioning

    Indoor Positioning is a powerful tool used for locating and tracking your radio units when GPS is not available, or when GPS information may not be accurate, for example, because of surroundings (tall buildings, trees and so on).

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    Keep all your small to medium size devices and appliances charged with the Yeti 500X Portable Power Station.

    Designed to pack 20% more power into a 20% smaller and lighter shell than its predecessor, the 500X is perfect for longer camping trips, backyard parties, or on-the-go power in case of an emergency.


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  • Edesix VB-400 body-worn camera

    Rugged quality - High performance - Multiple ways to connect

    The VB400 is the next generation of body-worn camera technology and deliveres the features you need to take control of every situation.

    The VB400 is built to protect your team and prove their professionalism. With full shift recording, pre / post-recording capabilities and multiple ways to connect.

    With multiple ways to connect, the VB400 helps you improve efficiency, coordinate a smarter response and protect the front-line.

    - Live streaming
    - Peer-assisted recording
    - Bluetooth sensor monitoring
    - Connect to the VB400 companion app*
    (*Requires Companion App licence and Android device)

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  • Edesix VT-100 body-worn camera

    Lightweight - 720p HD video - Remote alarm activation - Customer-friendly design

    The VT100 delivers a customisable and fully integrated enterprise mobile video solution.

    Built for customer-facing teams, the VT100 includes customisable name tag and remote alarm activation. 

    Creating a safe working environment is a top priority. Thanks to remote alarm activation, the VT100 empowers control room teams to respond swiftly when incidents occur. Protecting your people and promoting a safety-first culture.


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  • Avigilon H5A camera line

    The Avigilon H5A camera line features a next-generation video analytics technology which can detect more objects with greater accuracy even in crowded scenes, whether objects are stationary or moving. This helps provide detailed information of what is happening on your site so you can take action. 

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  • Avigilon H5A Explosion - Protected Camera Line

    Rugged and reliable solution certified for hazardous environment

    Avigilon H5A Explosion-Protected cameras are certified for hazardous environment. They are purpose-built for efficient operational monitoring and control of processes in environments that face the risk of explosions due to the presence of flammable gases or dust, including oil and gas, marine, industrial and food production sites. The cameras feature exceptional imaging that works in conditions with poor lighting, and include next generation video analytics to offer enhanced object detection, tracking and classification.

    Download datasheets:
    H5A Explosion-Protected Compact Camera 
    H5A Explosion-Protected Bullet Camera 
    H5A Explosion-Protected PTZ Camera 


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  • Avigilon H5SL camera line

    The H5SL camera is a versatile and cost-effective security solution that is backed by an industry-leading warranty. With value and simplicity at the heart of this camera line, you will enjoy the ease of installation, flexible design features and various lens options the H5SL offers.

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  • Avigilon H5M camera line

    The Avigilon H5M camera provides a cost-effective solution for budget-conscious video security projects and is beneficial for sites that require a fixed lens camera for outdoor use. This camera can handle tough environmental conditions while offering advanced AI technology for faster response times and simple installation.

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  • Avigilon H4A camera line

    The H4A camera line features an integrated lens with remote focus and zoom control and are ONVIF compliant for no-hassle integration. Embedded with Avigilon self-learning video analytics and Unusual Motion Detection (UMD) technology, H4A cameras are designed to integrate seamlessly with Avigilon Control Center (ACC) video management software and provide object detection and classification capabilities.

    Download datasheets:
    H4A Box Camera Datasheet English | French
    H4A Bullet Camera Datasheet English | French
    H4A Dome Camera (Indoor)  English | French
    H4A Dome Camera (Outdoor)  English | French


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  • Avigilon H4SL camera line

    Built on the Avigilon H4 platform, the H4 SL camera line combines exceptional image quality, efficient bandwidth management, and artificial intelligence (AI) to provide a high-quality surveillance solution at an entry-level price point. The cameras are easy to install, decreasing installation time by up to 50 percent.

    Download datasheets:
    H4SL Camera (Bullet)  English | French
    H4SL Camera (Dome)  English | French


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