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  • Codan 9350 Automatic Tuning Whip Antenna

    Codan’s internationally acclaimed 9350 Automatic Tuning Whip Antenna is designed for mobile operation with transceivers that have a large channel capacity.

    The 9350 Antenna is constructed to withstand harsh field and environmental conditions. It meets or exceeds the shock and vibrations requirement for MIL-STD-810.

    Typically, the 9350 takes only a few seconds to tune to any frequency. It will seek the optimum tuning point for all operating conditions — this ensures the best communications possible.


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  • Codan 3020 Transceiver supply

    The 3020 Transceiver Supply interfaces with Codan transceivers for voice, data or fax communications. It operates over a wide range of mains supply voltages, and is fully auto-ranging between 100 and 240 V nominal.


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  • Codan 3212 HF Data Modem

    Codan’s 3212 HF Data Modem ensures you get connected anywhere by providing reliable, cost-effective, high speed mobile data communications in remote areas where little or no telecommunications infrastructure exists.

    The 3212 is based on the latest modem technology with an error-free data rate of up to 7200 bps uncompressed, typically four times faster than comparable competitors’ modems.


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  • Codan Envoy Smartlink

    The Envoy SmartLink enables you to take advantage of the advanced IP and data capabilities of Envoy series radio. 

    Envoy SmartLink simplifies creation of advanced radio installations, providing network connectivity, and allowing the installation of multiple control points (handsets or consoles). This provides the ability to support multiple personnel and locations from a single Envoy RF unit.

    Envoy SmartLink provides an in-built 802.11 wireless access point, and two wired Ethernet ports. This provides a reliable and quick connection to Envoy for any IP connected device.

    Envoy SmartLink is compatible with Xtend smartphone application.


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  • Codan XTEND smartphone APP for HF radios

    Codan’s XTEND app allows you to operate your Codan Envoy radio via your smartphone or tablet.

    XTEND enables the user to operate the connected radio in all commonly used voice modes and also for text based messaging. Remote GPS position data received from other HF stations may also be quickly and easily displayed on the smartphone Google maps application.

    With the combination of a carefully designed UI running on a familiar smartphone format the XTEND app is intuitive to use and requires little to no training, simplifying HF communications.


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  • Codan RTS software - HF tracking software

    Codan’s RTS software combined with Codan HF radio and GPS technology provides an effective means to locate, track and manage remote assets.

    It is an economical solution when compared to subscription-based tracking and asset management solutions, with no ongoing airtime costs. The RTS software is an ideal solution for remote offline applications, whilst still providing access to online map resources when internet connectivity is available.

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  • Maritime radio product range

    Choose a maritime radio that are rugged and built to last. 

    We offer standard workhorse VHFs, Class D VHFs to GMDSS Class A certified radios. From Low to High powered MF/HF GMDSS systems to GMDSS approved mini-C, SSAS and LRIT solutions.

    Choose fixed or portable radios for everything from oil & gas platforms, offshore vessels and tankers to fishing vessels, superyachts and leisure boats - This including intrincically safe portable radios with the necessary ATEX approvals. Whatever your vessel, stay safe and set sail with maritime radio systems on board

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