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UV device for surface disinfection

15th December 2020 Print article
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UV device for surface disinfection


Powerful and simple handheld UV device for disinfecting surfaces that can reduce the spread of virus and bacteria.

The handheld UV BARx1 weighs 1 kg, it is easy to carry and effectively reduces the spread of infection by inactivating the ability of virus and bacteria to multiply. In addition to regular cleaning where dirt and dust are removed, the UV BARx1 is designed to disinfect surfaces, corners and cracks where cleaning and dispensing is difficult.

Using UV BARx1 improves the quality of the cleaning, which can provide a safer, cleaner, and healthier environment.

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Danimex is an official distributor for Efsen's products in Middle East and Africa.
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Other products by Efsen

UV AIRx2 - Mounted UV air purifier that provides disinfection of airborne viruses

UV TOWERx8 - Efficient UV device for room disinfection

UV BENCH - UV box for surface disinfection of objects

Areas for disinfection

Offices and public areas:

  • Keyboard, mouse, tabletop, cell phone, laptop etc.
  • Copiers, printers, and scanners
  • Kitchen handles, and coffee machines
  • Handrails on stairs, and buttons in the elevator
  • Bathroom handles, toilet surfaces, and sinks

Schools and daycare:

  • Classroom surfaces, tables, and whiteboards
  • Toys and playgrounds
  • Kitchen handles, and handrails on stairs
  • Toilet handles, sinks, and surfaces

Hospitals, clinics, opticians, nursing homes and laboratories:

  • Medical equipment, stethoscopes, and protective equipment
  • Reception counters and waiting rooms
  • Printers, copiers, pens, keyboards, mouse, and desks
  • Handles, handrails on stairs, door fronts, and chairs backrests
  • Toilet handles, sinks, and surfaces

Fitness centers and gyms:

  • Training tools, machines, and equipment
  • Entrance area and information counters
  • Handrails on stairs
  • Toilet handles, sinks, and surfaces

Shops, ATMs and malls:

  • Cash registers and payment terminals
  • Keyboard, mouse, desk, mobile phone, and laptop
  • Copier, printer, and scanners
  • Kitchen handles, handrails on stairs, and buttons in the elevators
  • Toilet handles, sinks, and surfaces


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